NIO ET7 | A new era of car design

Grounding in timeless intelligent sedan design, ET7 introduces maximized exterior dimensions. The sleek lines flow smoothly from the front to the rear, with a sophisticated and elegant feel. With exotic materials and multiscenario interaction, ET7 is a conversation with the future, Elegant and efficient. When entering, the door automatically opens slightly when you hold the handle. When you are seated, the system takes over to close the door with soft pull action. When exiting, the door automatically opens with the press of a button.

The interior of the ET7 blends futuristic technology and modern design. Highquality materials are abundant throughout the passenger room, creating a comfortable and clean interior space. The car, with the environment in mind, exhausts clean air with the aid of an onboard system that manages airflow. Recirculated air is regulated with a computerized negative ionizer and ondemand fragrance system that emits specific scents and filters outside pollutants. The color that surrounds the whole cabin can be configured to any from one of the 64 available and is completely personalized according to your preference. Read more about all the features ET7 brings to the table at the Official website.