GoSun Chillest – Solar Cooler | No Ice, please

Some new innovations for geeking out while enjoying Mother Nature. The GoSun Chillest is a cooler that uses the power of the sun to cool or even freeze food and drinks! The 45 Liter cooler has a built-in compressor that lets you set the temperature right where you want it with a range from -4°F to 68°F (-20°C to 20°C). The all-sleek design and all-terrain wheels make the unit easy to transport, while inside tie-down straps, organization bins, and inside light make storing and keeping track of your food and drinks easy. Finally, the flexibility in the temperature on the dual cooling zones makes it possible to really have both a freezer and refrigerator on hand for your bulk items without freezing everything else.

Gosun chill on the beach

Wherever life takes you outdoors, the ultimate survivalist’s companion now exists and it goes by the name “GoSun Chillest.”