Barillio – The Ultimate Bartender Kit

No one wants to experience getting unprepared for a beveragerelated event. Its understandable, when the world of bar cocktails has become more complex and diverse, the equipment needs to change to evolve as well. As years of experience as a bartender has gone by, the Barillio crew developed a stylish, wellequipped bag with all essentials needed to create a perfect drink both at home or in a commercial bar. Whether youre a professional bartender running the world on the go or are an eager mixology enthusiast on the way to celebrate with friends, this bar bag has everything you need. Constructed with waxfinished twill (a tough and durable textile) for quality and character, it maintains a classic yet worn look that makes it the perfect addition to your gear. When packed, the different compartments ensure your tools are organized, and one spot means risks of spillage are greatly reduced. The Boston shaker has plenty of room for the extras to round out your bar set. You can save the day knowing youre specifically prepared with thick flap covers, secured with an adjustable Velcro strap. The stainless steel ensures these accessories maintain quality and shape while also protecting your spoons, jiggers, shakers, etc. Personalized with an elongatedBarillio stamp under the handles, this bag will soon become a favorite. The Barillio team consistently supports their products by providing outstanding customer service. No matter what the day brings, your bar-tending experience from home is better than ever.