Defrosting Tray

YT TOUCH| Fast Defrosting Tray

Have you ever meant to defrost something to cook, only to remember you didn’t take it out? Now you’re faced with a huge dilemma…do you “attempt” to defrost it faster? Or do you scrap your plans all together? YT Touch Defrosting Tray will defrost rock-hard meats, poultry, and fish in as little as in 20 minutes.

YT TOUCH| Fast Defrosting TrayThe material of YT Touch defrosting tray is Aero-aluminum with enamel coating, which is food grade material with FDA standard.

YT TOUCH| Fast Defrosting Tray

Best of all, there’s no messy overflow to clean up after defrost. All the water is carefully run off and trapped in a safe, water secure tray underneath the tray.

The design of the cast-molded aluminum literally pulls the cold and frost out of your food, reducing your thawing time from several hours to sometimes minutes!

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