Noon N160US Smart Lighting Starter Kit

Noon Smart Lighting Starter Kit

Upgrade any room to smart lighting with the Noon smart lighting starter kit. Each kit provides everything you need to add easy to use, family friendly smart lighting to your home including 1 Noon room director, 2 Noon extension switches, and Noon wall plates. To set up your favorite room add 1 room director and up to 10 extension switches. The room director is used to select the scene for your favorite activities including, relaxing, cooking, or entertaining and coordinates with all the extension switches to give you one touch control of all the lights in a room. Noon’s exclusive bulb detection technology identifies your bulb types and applies precise dim curves so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

Noon supports all residential bulb types and minimizes common buzzing, flickering, or popping that can occur with incompatible switches. Motion triggered night light automatically turns lights on dim to guide you in the dark and vacation mode learns your routine and mimics your recent patterns to make it seem like you’re home, even when you’re not. Room director and each extension switch easily replace any light switch and work with the bulbs you already have. Control the lights by app, with your voice, or right from the wall. For indoor use only.

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