KeySmart Pro with Smart Location

KeySmart Pro with Tile Smart Location

The KeySmart Pro makes your keys compact, comfortable to carry, and NEVER LOST!

Make your keys ring by pressing a button on your phone. PLUS Locate your missing keys on a map to see where you last had them . Find your missing phone – Press the Tile button on your KeySmart Pro to make your missing phone ring, even on silent!  All within the Free Tile App.

Includes Micro-USB Charging Cable

  • One charge ​lasts up to 3 months!

Includes powerful LED Flashlight

  • Now you can see the keyhole in dark doorways!

Tap Flashlight button twice to make the light stay on for 10 seconds

Includes Stainless Steel Bottle Opener (new and improved design)​

  • Never be caught without a bottle opener again! 

Add your car key fob with the included Loop Piece.

  • Any large key or fob that is too big to fit (TBTF) inside your KeySmart can still be attached!

Assemble In Minutes!

  • Add your existing keys by unscrewing the top plate and placing your keys inside the KeySmart. *Holds up to 10 keys (and more with expansion packs)

Add Cool Accessories and trick out your KeySmart Pro

  • Search KeySmart Accessories for a full list of tools that you can put on your KeySmart Key Organizer to make it the ultimate Everyday Carry item!

The KeySmart Pro with Tile Smart Location is the ultimate key organizer that gives you:

  • A better way to organize and carry your keys and cool accessories
  • Peace of mind knowing that your keys are NEVER LOST!

What is inside:
– 1 x KeySmart Pro Key Organizer (Includes Built-In Tile Smart Location Tracking)
– 1 x Built-In LED Flashlight (Push Button)
– 1 x Bottle Opener (New and Improved)
– 1 x Loop Piece (to attach car key fob)
– 1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable
– 1 x Instructions Manual

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