ESP 66" Family Fun Toboggan Four Rider Sled

ESP 66″ Family Fun Toboggan Four Rider Sled

The 66″ Family Fun Toboggan by EMSCO Sports Products is a rare sled that can fit the kids and parents yet still be sturdy and affordable. It’s no wonder it’s nicknamed ‘The Beast’. Made in the USA from polyethylene plastic, this snow sled will endure winter after winter of use as you blast down hills with your children or friends. Not only is this sled great for tall people and families but it can be used as a utility sled. Haul logs or supplies to and from your car or cabin with ease. Bring the kids and jump into this massive toboggan sled. It’s strong and lightweight so you will all enjoy blasting down hills together. Or, if you’re a tall rider over 6 feet, this sled will provide you with plenty of space to stretch out and finally get a comfortable sledding experience. The unique turn-down lip design will keep all riders dry and snow-free as it deflects snowy drifts out and away.

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