EURO Blackcan Heat Camping Mat with Automatic Hot Water Heating System

EURO Blackcan Heat Camping Mat

Provide a warm sleeping place of 86 Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius) in an environment of -86 Fahrenheit (-30 degrees Celsius). Take this heat camping mat to outdoor activities and use it in extreme conditions. This product can be used in storms and heavy rains up to wind speed of 10m/sec and rain of 250mm/h. Without external power supplies, the product controls itself automatically based on a mechanical mechanism to allow stable use in extreme environments. With an overall weight of 6.4lb(2.9kg), the product can be easily carried and handled when climbing mountains. The automatic gas control function enables you to use Blackcan 10 hours with a 230g butane gas canister and 24 hours or more with a 265g propane gas canister for climbing mountains. The cushion of 1.06in(2.7cm) thickness and warmth of the hot water mat may keep your sleeping place comfortable. This product can be used anytime, anywhere with portable butane gas.



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