Qi-infinity™ Surface Pro 4 External Battery

Love to watch movies on your tablets? What about the kids playing all day on their devices? Do you use your tablet for school or business matters – like emails and research? Then you know how fast those things drain the battery right? But no worries, the Qi-infinity Surface Pro 4 External Battery with a powerful 35,000 mAH is here for you. A result of multiple years of product development experience manufacturing high capacity external battery packs for laptops and tablets. With this bundle you’ll have everything you need to charge your Surface tablet on plane journeys, trains, road trips and more! Not only is it reliable, this battery comes equipped with 12V and 15V DC output to charge your Surface Pro 1, 2, 3, 4, and Surface Book tablet. It also features four USB ports that support fast charging for Samsung Galaxy and other mobile devices.  Now that’s versatile and multi-functional.  Now you can stop wasting money and get the best value for one that is high quality and reliable.




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