EVEN H2 Wireless Headphones – Walnut and Steel

Uniquely combining science and design, the new EVEN H2 Headphones feature our patented EVEN EarPrint technology featuring our on-board hearing test to create real-time sound frequency customization, state-of-the-art design, superlative comfort, and exceptional 40mm Beryllium drivers for a truly personalized and deeply musical experience. We now know that each and every person’s hearing is unique. With our ground-breaking EVEN Ear Print technology, EVEN’s quick and easy on-board hearing test maps your unique hearing profile, creating your “Ear Print”. Then our patented software tunes, in real time, each and every sound to yours ears individually. The result is a listening experience like no other. With the Even H2, seamless Bluetooth integration and a 20-hour battery come life together with EVEN Ear Print technology to give you the power to connect with your music or mobile device and the freedom to take the unmatched EVEN experience anywhere you care to listen. A free, integrated smartphone app gives you more features at your fingertips. With the app you can set, store and manage your Ear Prints, see a visualization of your Ear Print and learn more about how you hear, and easily turn your Ear Print on and off to really hear the difference. Crafted from premium materials and finessed to provide a personalized listening experience, EVEN H2 Headphones feature stylish walnut paneling, heavy duty metal accents, animal-friendly faux leather and an unwired design. It’s sound made beautiful. Get your music back with EVEN H2.91yhj4O6fJL._SL1500_.jpg




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