Many of you have heard of the Pen Type-A, and for those who haven’t, you have quite a bit of catching up to do! The Pen Type-A was the first Kickstarter pen to break through to the mainstream, and with that came money, exposure, failure, theft, and more. It was quite the story during the production and fulfillment process.

At its core, the Pen Type-B is the barrel of the Pen Type-A with a new exterior sleeve to make the pen portable, which the Pen Type-A wasn’t. The sleeve isn’t just an afterthought either. It is solid brass, machined to such a tight tolerance that it creates a piston-like effect when pulling the barrel out and sliding it back in.

Precision made out of titanium, the body and sleeve of the Titanium Type-B have a sleek finish. Smooth, machine-milled surfaces with absolutely no branding whatsoever give the Titanium Type-B an air of purity. The only visible surface change on the pen is a flat surface on the sleeve that keeps the pen from rolling off.

Designers: Che-Wei Wang & Taylor Levy of CW&T



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