Sex on the beach on the beach!

Drinking on the beach is desirable and a nuisance at the same time. With the sun glaring down on you, there’s nothing a nice chilled drink wouldn’t fix, but sand isn’t quite the ideal surface for resting a solo-cup or glass. Besides, what do you do with that disposable cup once you’re done with that drink?

Made exclusively for beaches, the Beach Glass (not to be confused with the colorful glass pieces we find on some beaches) is a glass redesigned for the sand. With a spiked stem (Haha! “Spiked”, geddit?) and a ball-stop, the glass can be pitched into the sand with ease and will never topple over. The glass is BPA free, shatter-proof, dishwasher safe, and completely reusable. The glasses come in a curved wine-glass and a cylindrical scotch-glass design and there’s even a specially designed tray for them. Their elegant design and color variants make them ideal for beach-outings, pool parties, and even weddings. Plus get this, they float on water too!

Designer: The Beach Glass




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