5 Packable Dishes that Survive a Day at the Beach

Beach days are full of sandy toes, fun in the sun and, well, soggy sandwiches. It’s time your snacks matched your good time. That means pressed sandwiches that get better with time, fresh slaws and simple desserts packed in a cooler ready to stay out until the sun goes down. Here are some ideas to eat well at the beach all day.

Camping Muffuletta (pictured above)

Our recipes developers designed this pressed sandwich for the great outdoors and it’s perfect for a day at the beach, too. Prep it in the morning and pack it at the bottom of your cooler to let the weight of your other goodies flatten it.


Smashed Chickpea and Eggplant Pressed Sandwich

Bring something for the veggie lovers. This simple sandwich is like your favorite Middle Eastern mezze platter pressed between a loaf of bread.


Mango-Peanut Slaw

Pack the peanuts and cilantro garnish separately from the slaw to keep them crunchy and fresh. Mango adds a tropical element to this dish so you’ll feel like you’re on vacation even if you’re at your hometown waterfront.


Sesame Noodle Salad

Add some leftover grilled chicken to this Asian-style noodle salad and you have an all-in-one beach lunch. Skip the protein and serve this as a side to sandwiches or burgers if your beach has a grill.


Pineapple Salad with Vanilla Custard Sauce

Sturdy pineapple can survive a day in a cold cooler. Make the salad and custard separately and let everyone decide on their own ratio of fruit to custard at the beach.


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