Tips for A Perfect Three Day Trip In Stockholm

Do you have only three days to spend in Stockholm? No problem! Here are some tips on how to spend your time in the Swedish capital.

Day 1: Museum Day Around Djurgården

Stockholm is rich in architecture and nautical seascapes, but it is also rich with museums and things to do. The lovely island of Djurgården contains a wealth of things to do and explore, an one of my favorite things to see on Djurgården is the Vasa Museum.

The Vasa Museum pays tribute to the Vasa ship which sank in the Stockholm harbor during its maiden voyage in 1628. After it sank, the ship waited for over 300 years on the bottom of the archipelago before it was rescued, refurbished, and prepared for display! Today, visitors can explore what remains of the ship and marvel at the details of the carvings on its hull. You can recognize the Vasa museum by the ship’s giant mast sticking out of the building!

If you get a little thirsty, take a short walk down to the Spirit Museum! Your admission ticket includes a tasting tray with three different Swedish aquavits and one punch. Learn about Scandinavian spirit making, and if the weather is good, you can even check out the Beer Pier!

Next, make your way a little bit further to the ABBA Museum, of course! Lovers of music and pop culture alike enjoy the interactive exhibits and colorful displays. Explore the mixing board used in the Polar Studio, break it down on the dance floor, and see if you have what it takes to be the fifth member of ABBA!

If the weather is nice, check out Skansen, an open air museum with an old-time feel! Explore the old fashioned villages and learn about what life was like on a Swedish farmstead. There are several museums on site such as a children’s zoo and a biological museum, as well as an aquarium and railway. This is perfect for kids and kids at heart!

If you want to get off the island of Djurgården for a while and check out some other things, the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology as well as the Maritime Museumare located just north of the island, an easy walk. Pick and choose any of these attractions and build your perfect museum day!

Day 2: Archipelago Cruise

A trip to Stockholm is not complete without exploring the Stockholm archipelago! The best way to do this is to take a full day archipelago cruise, complete with island exploration and a Swedish dinner. The Thousand Island Cruise is perfect for this!

You begin your ~11 hour tour by boarding the M/S Waxholm III boat and sipping on a morning coffee. Throughout the day, you will enjoy guided tours on three spectacular islands: Kymmendö, Bullerö and Sandhamn. Discover and draw inspiration from the sparkling waters surrounding the islands; you may even get to take a swim, so don’t forget your bathing suit!

Lunch, morning/afternoon coffee, and a delicious dinner are all included with your ticket. You may choose between a two course dinner with sparkling wine, or a traditional Swedish supper. Prepare for delicious food all day long, but also prepare for any type of weather as the winds can change pretty rapidly in this Baltic sea archipelago!

Day 3: Gamla Stan and the Royal Palace

Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town, is full of little side streets, chic boutiques, and colorful Swedish architecture. Spend some time wandering through the maze-like alleyways and window shopping; you never know what you can find until you look!

Gamla Stan also plays host to the Swedish Royal Palace and Royal Armoury; a lovely place to explore. The palace serves as an official residence for His Majesty the King as well as the King and Queen’s center for business. The palace represents a combination of museums, royal apartments, and Swedish cultural cornerstones. With over 600 rooms, you are sure to find one that you like!

If you still aren’t tired of museums, you can check out the Royal Coin Cabinet which is free to explore! This museum takes visitors through the history of business and commerce, from bartering and trading to modern economy. Nearby is the Nobel Museum, a great place to pass the time for any scientist and thinker! With so many shops, museums, and cafes to choose from, you can easily spend a whole day in Gamla Stan.

While these tips don’t include everything that you can see or do in Stockholm, this can get you started! Make sure to see some museums, the archipelago, and the palace; and make sure to enjoy the beautiful colors, impressive buildings, and winding waterways that surround you in stunning Stockholm!

What are your favorite Stockholm activities?



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