10 Homemade Ice Pops to Keep You Cool All Summer

These are not the store-bought ice pops you grew up with. Nope, none of that sticky-sweet, impossibly red or improbably blue stuff here. Instead, we’re making homemade ice pops packed with fresh ingredients. And, bonus, they’re easy to put together.

Blueberry-Oat Breakfast Ice Pops (pictured above)
Want to impress your kids first thing in the morning? Give them an ice pop for breakfast. It’s OK, because they’re healthy!

Strawberry Chia Seed Pudding Pops
Any time I have leftover chia seed pudding, I throw it into ice pop molds and serve it again the next day. New, improved and enjoyed to the last lick!

Yogurt Parfait Ice Pops
Not every ice pop can be packed with protein, but thanks to a hefty shot of yogurt, these frozen treats keep kids full all afternoon long.

Frozen Chocolate-Banana Pops
There is no better way to use ripe bananas in the summertime. Blended with cocoa powder, heavy cream and a splash of maple syrup, these are like a sundae to-go but so much healthier.

Peaches & Cream Ice Pops
These decadent pops are perfect for peach season. Fresh peaches with actual cream make for a little bit of heaven on a stick.

Coconut Pie Pops with Blueberries
That’s right. Here we have the creamy taste of coconut pie, plus a pop of whole blueberries in every bite.

Mango Strawberry Fruit Pops
Ready to get really fancy? Whip up a batch of The Pioneer Woman’s striped fruit pops.

Melon & Mint Ice Pops
This flavor combination is so fresh and satisfying that everyone from teething toddlers to thirsty kids digs in with gusto.

Blackberry Cream Pops
Fresh blackberries, plain yogurt and a dash of maple syrup make these frozen treats sing.

Pineapple Spinach Pops (Yes, Really!)
Just blend fresh spinach with frozen pineapple, and fill those molds. The spinach is so mild and the pineapple is so sweet that the whole thing becomes well-balanced and a surprisingly huge hit.

Charity Curley Mathews is the founder of a cooking and parenting blog called Foodlets.com, where every recipe is full of fresh ingredients, simple to make and kid-tested x4. You can follow her on Facebook.



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