Cucumber Mango Miso Noodle Bowls

A few weeks ago, while I was making a list of potential upcoming summer recipes, I asked Jack “hey, what’s a recipe you really want me to make?” In the past, answers to questions like that are usually “pretzels!” or “pizza!” but this time it was “an asian noodle salad.” I asked if he could be more specific but he said “I just really really love noodles – you know, when they’re tossed in an asian-ey kind of dressing.” Not a huge help, but at least it was something.

So on a Monday when I felt I could use a little reset after weekend-eating, his idea (with a ginger-y sauce) sounded pretty good. This recipe is not an authentic version of anything, but when I got around to making said “asian noodle salad,” this was what I happened to have: a bunch of cucumbers, a ripe mango, a few limes, a jalapeño, and a bunch of mint. At first, I wanted to add peppers, cabbage, and everything colorful, but then I realized that I could make something delicious without tossing in the kitchen sink.

The tangy miso-peanut sauce is the real star – it’s also become a go-to recipe lately because its ingredients are so easy to keep on hand. Miso paste lasts about 1 year in the fridge and I store my fresh ginger in the freezer. Peanut butter, garlic, limes, are all regulars around here.

The second time I made this recipe, I served it to my family and added tofu on top to make it a bigger meal – the tofu is not pictured here, but I’ve included a recipe below. This recipe serves 3 on its own or 4 if you add the tofu (or whatever protein you like – chicken, shrimp, salmon, etc).

If you don’t have vermicelli rice noodles, brown rice stir fry noodles (the flat, thicker noodles) work well here. Pasta would also be fine in a pinch.

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