Reader Submitted: EXEO Modular Gaming Controllers Allow You to Design Your Own Controller for Each Game

EXEO is a range of modular gaming controllers focused on providing ultimate realism to the gamers of today by recreating in-game interactions in real life. This means that if you are playing a medieval game, you should feel like you’re holding a sword, and if you are playing a racing game, you should feel like you’re holding a steering wheel.

With its modules, EXEO builds a new relationship with the gamers, where they have the complete freedom to craft their controller and use it creatively to solve problems and have unique experiences.

True gaming experiences can not be created by making advancements only in the visual and audio technologies. In a world where everybody looks toward VR as the future, EXEO brings back the importance of the feeling of touch. The opportunities are endless but as a concept EXEO aims to inspire the gamers of tomorrow to unlock different ways of interacting with their games.

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