Easy Steps Toward Getting Your Dream Job

When I wrote about recognizing unhappiness a few weeks back, there were a lot of comments about people being unhappy at their jobs which is no fun, no fun at all. I’ve been there! So, in effort to help get you girls out of those ruts, I met up with my close friends, Michal G, who is one of the top job recruiters in Los Angeles for the fashion industry (follow The Workshop on Instagram for all her latest job postings), to get the 411 on what it takes to find a new job.  Last week she shared her 4 important tips that all candidate should consider and today, she is sharing her biggest piece of advice on landing a job at your dream company:

“To get yourself organized, make a list of the top five companies that you would want to work for and write them down. Research each company, learn everything you can, then poke around to find connections at those companies. Ask friends and family and search job boards and/or LinkedIn to find out who their hiring manager/recruiters are. Once you have a contact and have taken care of these suggestions, send a well-written note requesting to meet them. Perhaps apply for a free internship, because you never know, that may lead to a full-time job.”

Easy enough, right? What are your dream companies to work for?
To learn more about the fashion jobs in the Los Angeles area that Michal is recruiting for, follow the The Workshop on Instagram. If you have any other questions for her, please leave them in the comments section in this post!

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