See Inside Cirrus Vision, the $2 Million Private Jet

A Gulfstream G650 will run you a cool $66 million. This one costs two. That’s right, for “just” $2 million you can buy your very own private jet. I caught up with Cirrus to check out the Vision Jet this week at the Paris Air Show.

Here’s what that $2 million will get you:

  • One engine with 1,800 pounds of thrust (that’s right, it’s a single-engine jet)
  • Range of up to ~1,250 miles (about the distance of Boston to Miami; with reduced payload and speed)
  • Cruise speed of 300 knots (345 mph)
  • Maximum operating altitude of 28,000 feet
  • Seating for five adults and two children
  • Built-in parachute

Wait, what? A parachute? Yup! Just like on the Cirrus SR22, this jet is equipped with the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS). Should all else fail, the pilot can activate the parachute and guide the jet safely to earth. I politely requested a demonstration, but the Cirrus representative just laughed and said to look for videos on YouTube. So that’s what I did:

The Vision Jet measures just 30 feet long — that’s not much larger than a 15-passenger van. It has an awesome v-tail, reminiscent of the Beechcraft Bonanza.

I mean how cool is that tail!

And there’s that little single engine — with just 2,000 pounds of thrust, think “lawnmower” rather than “Lamborghini.” By comparison, the GE90 engines that power the Boeing 777are each capable of up to 115,000 pounds of thrust.

The Vision Jet can be operated by a single pilot, but there’s room for two.

The glass cockpit is state-of-the-art, with large LCDs and sidestick controls.

You’ll be operating at high altitudes, which explains the oxygen masks overhead.

As for the passenger cabin, there are two captains chairs up front.

And then a third large chair and two smaller seats behind — that’s where you’ll want to stick the kids. There’s no lavatory in the standard model, so be sure you “go” before you board. The cabin has very large windows as well — it is called the Vision Jet after all.

While the plane actually feels fairly spacious inside, it really is compact, as you can see with this Paris Air Show attendee (involuntarily) posing for scale.

So when can you get one? Very soon — Cirrus plans to deliver up to 50 jets this year, with another 100 or so coming in 2018. So there’s still time to get your $2 million ready.


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