Kvan: Furniture for Modern, Small Space Living

Tatu Laakso is a young, up and coming designer from Finland who recently finished her newest furniture project. Focusing on compact living, Tatu created a two part series that uses a small space with maximum efficiency. Moreover, each piece is multifunctional, allowing it to adapt to users’ different needs.

Kvan clothes storage is a multifunctional piece that stores clothes temporarily. Meant for clothing that’s in everyday rotation, it’s a combination of a clothes rack and laundry bag. It helps users avoid piling up their clothes, and when laundry day rolls around, the clothes can be easily dropped into a removable bag and taken to the laundromat.

Kvan side table is a small but mighty side table that helps keep all things organized and easily accessible. Ideal for small spaces near couches or beds, it can hold a multitude of things, including magazines, small objects and devices. The lower table board is removable and can be adapted to become a tray.

Photos by Amanda Aho.


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