Amazon debuts $20 Dash Wand with Alexa inside, and tonight’s it’s basically free

Amazon debuted the Dash Wand today, a $20 device with a magnet on the back that can stick to your refrigerator. For all purchases made today, the Amazon Dash Wand comes with a $20 gift certificate, making it effectively free for Prime members who spend more than $35.

The Dash Wand is the latest Alexa-enabled device to come to market, following the Echo Show and Echo Look, devices that brought a visual interface and computer vision to the Alexa experience.

The Dash Wand fits in your palm and is the size of a small remote control. The device can scan bar codes to add items to your Amazon shopping list, but press the button on top and you can speak to Alexa for all the things Alexa does, from controlling voice apps to calling your mom or ordering a pizza.

The device debuts the same day as a survey from the firm Morning Consult declared Alexa the most popular intelligent assistant for all ages, and that price is the number one determinant for shoppers interested in buying an intelligent like Alexa or others like Microsoft’s Cortana or Google’s Assistant.



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